June 10, 2023

BTS will soon appear in Cookie Run: Kingdom as Cookie in a crossover collaboration called Braver Together. Each BTS member will get their own in-game Cookie character, and the collab will include BTS-themed maps as well as an in-game performance by BTS Cookies.

The BTS collaboration goes live on October 13, and from September 24 to September 30, developer DevSister will post photocards and teaser videos.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of several Cookie Run titles by DevSisters, and is basically a gacha-slash-RPG game where players get cookies and fight cake monsters. The BTS collab isn’t the only crossover coming to Cookie Run: Kingdom in October — A Disney collab featuring Lilo, Stitch, Ariel, Mickey and Belle will appear at an unknown date in October.

DevSisters has a few new games in the works such as Brixity–a mobile construction simulation game–and Dead Seed Club, a side-scrolling shooting game. In BRIXITY, players must help humans restore planet Earth to a habitable environment. A substance called Brix is ​​the key to the task.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available on Android and iOS.

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