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How to get a mop in Return to Monkey Island

to know How to get a mop to go back to monkey island Takes place during the first act of the game, where Guybrush sees Threewood arrive on Melee Island and immediately plans to leave it behind. As part of the quest for The Secret of Monkey Island, Guybrush must board his nemesis Lechak’s ship, which is anchored at the docks.

This involves convincing Quartermaster Iron Rose that he is not Guybrush Threewood and is in possession of a mop, so that he can secure a convenient ‘swabby’ job opening. It’s not that easy though – never mind Guybrush – so this way you get a mop on Melee Island so you can get past the first part of Return to Monkey Island.

How to make a mop

First things first, leave the Iron Rose at the dock and go to the nearby Scumm Bar. In the kitchen you will find Cook, who is a proud mop owner. If you talk him into taking a mop, or try to pick it up, he won’t let you take it. He says you have to make one yourself by cutting a branch from the Mop Tree deep in the Maze Forest of Meli Island.

You need a map to find a mop tree, and someone needs a reference to map the tree. Guybrush must distract Cook so that he can take a sample of the mop and give it to Wally the Cartographer in Low Street in exchange for the mop tree map.

Go to the International House of Mojo on Low Street and buy the Knife and Apology Frog from its owner. We’re going to use the knife to take a sample of the cook’s mop, but first we have to distract him by making food.

To confuse the cook, you need the ‘Ingredients’ book from the shelf in Governor Carla’s mansion. But Carla won’t let Guybrush borrow any books because he’s already borrowed too much for the last book. This is where the forgiveness frog comes in. Guybrush can apologize for squashing the beef with the amphibian, but he needs some information about Carla.

The information is different for each player, but there is a bust of Karla in the corner of the International House of Mojo, along with a plaque that mentions a location that has a history with her. Then, west of the scum bar and docks is a re-election poster for the governor, offering unique adjectives that speak to his character.

Use this information when writing parts three and four of the book-borrowing apology to fine tune, and then present the frog to Carla. Make sure you also pick up the stuffed animal on the floor next to him – this acts as your mop head.

Carla’s apology allows Guybrush to borrow the ingredient book from her shelf. Deliver it to the cook and he’ll start making a dish, leaving the mop open for you to sample it with your knife. Carve a piece and give it to Wally and he will provide you with a map to The Mop Tree.

Map in hand, enter Maley Island Forest. From the first screen, open your map and view the route through the trees. This may be different for each player, but the correct exits are marked by three different types of plants in the forest, which are green, purple and blue. Choose your exit based on the flora seen on the mop tree map and you will reach the eponymous tree. However, this can be easier said than done, so be sure to read our full guide to Return to Monkey Island Forest Map if you need help.

When you reach the tree, cut off one of its branches then combine it with the stuffed animal in your inventory to make the mop. Mission accomplished, Swabbie! Now that you know how to get a mop, why not read the actual differences between casual and hard mode so you know what you’re missing depending on which one you choose at the start, or check out our how-to guide with a puzzle later in the game. Escape the hold on Return to Monkey Island for help.

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