March 31, 2023

Ubisoft has extended the deadline for reporting cheating players in Rainbow Six Siege. According to the latest anti-cheat status update, Rainbow Six Siege reports can be generated after a player disconnects from a match during multiplayer games as well as match replays.

“With the new season we extend the window of opportunity for reporting,” the Siege team wrote Latest update. “Players who have disconnected from a match session can now be reported.” This applies only to ranked and unranked matches, but includes all types of reports, adds the team.

Also, the devs enabled reporting during match replays, explaining that reporting between live matches is often not practical or possible. Watching replays can also highlight actions that players didn’t notice during the match.

“With the addition of these tools, we hope to continue to provide players with a streamlined way to report suspicious/toxic individuals,” Devs wrote.

Outside of matches, the team said it is still possible to report cheaters via social media. If you choose that route, Ubisoft asks that you include clear video or screenshot evidence of the incident, including the offending player’s username and/or ID, match ID, and the date and time of the suspected cheating incident.

Since the last anti-cheat status update, the Siege team said it has taken steps to counter several new cheats, including some instant-kill cheats, infinite ammo cheats, a teleport hack, a self-revival cheat, a noclip cheat, A ‘mad’ fraud, and others.

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