March 21, 2023

Terraria 1.4.4 Update Cover System promises to revolutionize creation possibilities for one of the best crafting games on PC. The Labor of Love update will arrive in late September, bringing a whole wealth of quality-of-life updates along with a huge increase in your Terraria inventory cap. Re-Logic has given an in-depth look at the previously announced new coating system, courtesy of two popular community builders, showing the potential to build some really clever Terraria using the new Illuminant and Eco coatings.

Terraria YouTubers Khaos and Chizipanini Showcase new coatings, illuminant coatings and eco coatings in a new video Illuminant coating replaces illuminant paint – creating a glow-in-the-dark effect on what it is applied to. Unlike illuminant paint, however, this new coating can be applied on top of other paints, meaning you’re no longer limited to the item’s default color if you want to apply an illuminant effect.

Even more dramatic, perhaps, is the echo coating. As previously shown, Echo Cloak allows players to make any object invisible by replicating the Echo Block effect introduced in the Terraria 1.4 update. Any object covered by the echo coating will disappear, and only reappear when the player wears the Specter Goggles accessory or stands in range of the brand new Echo Chamber item. Made of 20 Echo Blocks, 6 Wire and 10 Gray Bricks, the Echo Chamber can be toggled so that each Echo Block and Echo coated item appears.

As Khaios explains, there’s actually more to eco-coating. Unlike Echo Blocks, items with an Echo coating are treated as if they no longer exist while invisible. This should be a huge boon for manufacturers as it means they will create a distinct visual appearance. Also, Echo Walls can now be used to trim and reshape visible walls adjacent to your current structure, which will neatly trim the visible pieces to their smaller tessellated size and shape.

Terraria Eco Block - Uses eco coating to create a patterned glass window effect

Plus, you can apply both Eco Coating and Illuminant Coating to the same block – to create items that can be switched on at will. And Shining brightly on the face. Khaios gives some excellent examples of the use of echo coatings, such as hiding torches and keeping their light in tunnel networks. He also shows how he used it to redesign a Zelda-style enchanted sword temple built using the new Terraria Rubblemaker items, which promises huge building potential.

You can check out the full Terraria 1.4.4. The cover is shown below:

YouTube thumbnail

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