June 9, 2023

AndOften when it comes to Donald Trump, language alone fails to describe what’s going on.

At various points, especially once he becomes president, charts or timelines can be a good tool for understanding events.

For example, his firing of James Comey in May 2017, ostensibly because he refused to go easy on FBI Director General Michael Flynn, who lied to agents about his conversations with a Russian diplomat, leading to the Mueller probe, many of Trump’s misdeeds and misdemeanors. Highlight potential obstacles.

Trump would rage for months over Mueller’s report — both claiming he was exonerated and that it was a witch hunt.

When it came to Trump’s first impeachment, with enthusiasm among Democrats for such an initiative no doubt heightened after Mueller’s failure to reach effective conclusions, it was often easier to have a list of names to follow.

What was Rudy Giuliani doing in Kiev? What did he claim about then-leader Volodymyr Zelensky, what was the relevance of Hunter Biden, and what was reported about a whistleblower about Trump’s apparent effort to pressure Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for the release of Democrat Adam Schiff’s staff? Military?

Even with the notes in front of you, it was often difficult to follow.

Now, again, we need special props.

On Wednesday morning, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced a lawsuit against Trump and her three eldest children, charging them with financial fraud and claiming they misrepresented the value of Trump Organization business interests over the years.

“The type of fraud and deception that Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization used for their own financial benefit is staggering,” James said at a news conference in New York on Wednesday morning.

“The money you don’t have is not the amount of money claimed The art of contractingIt is the art of stealing”.

New York’s Attorney General has announced a lawsuit against Donald Trump

James wants $250 million in assets back, Trump’s three oldest children barred from holding office, and Trump wants himself barred from any business dealings in the city or state for five years, something that should upset and enrage a man born. city, and whose swagger often seems to typify the New York tycoons of the 1970s or 1980s.

Trump quickly dismissed the lawsuit as an attempt by James to harass him and his family, accusing him of going after him for political reasons and describing his announcement as “the culmination of nearly three years of continuous, targeted, immoral political harassment.” .

The lawsuit alone would seem bad for Trump and his family, indicting a man who famously posed as a successful businessman. ApprenticeLies and rank dishonesty.

But James’ case isn’t Trump’s only challenge, and this is where we might need the help of an intersecting Venn diagram chart, or even an old-fashioned board game, such as risk.

As James relays his findings to the court and other prosecutors, it’s important to remember that Trump faces many, many other problems.

In August, FBI agents raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida, where they took hundreds of secret and classified documents that the former president allegedly shouldn’t have kept after he left the White House.

An investigation led by the Justice Department is conducting its search on warrants sought for possible violations of the Espionage Act. So far, Trump has failed to come up with a plausible reason why he still had those documents, which he sought.

The former president faces multiple challenges

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It is not clear how Trump will get out of this. For now, an independent evaluator, or special master, is reviewing the documents seized by the FBI to determine if any special privileges can be granted.

Most legal experts say such a test is unnecessary and the Trump team’s request is seen as a delaying tactic.

And that’s not his only pressing problem.

Next week, the committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, an episode for which Trump was impeached a second time, is due to meet to deliver a report and announce possible referrals.

Polling data showed that these carefully curated representations hurt Trump’s standing among Republicans, a growing number of whom are at least ready to consider voting for someone else, even if Trump himself looks set to run for re-election.

One thing intersects all these different things – Donald Trump himself, and his clear belief that normal rules and laws do not apply to him.

Trump has repeatedly been named in various scandals before only to return.

He can escape from all this. But for now, it looks like the wall is closing in.

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