March 21, 2023

Looking for something new to play but don’t have a specific game in mind? Let the universe decide for you with Fanatical’s Neon Mystery Bundle, which lets you buy up to 10 mystery games. As with other Fanatical bundles, there are multiple purchase options starting at $1 for one mystery key and up to $7 for 10 keys.

Since this is a mystery bundle, you won’t know which games you bought until after your purchase. Fanatical also doesn’t say which games are potential inclusions in the grab bag. The bundle description says it covers “AAA titles from the biggest names in gaming” and “awesome indies that get glowing reviews,” so it’s anyone’s guess. Some customers can also get one of Fanatical’s Neon New Release Packs, which are “packed with the summer’s biggest launches.”

If you’re curious about what games other customers have received in their mystery bundles, This Reddit thread There are a few examples. Some notable pulls are The Evil Within 2, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, The Long Dark, and Yuka-Leili and the Impossible Lair, but there are dozens of other games listed in the thread so you’ll likely find something completely different. games, including Velocity Ultra and The Flame in the Flood.

The good news is that each bundle will include a completely unique Steam key. So if you buy the 10-game deal, it will include 10 different games with no duplicates. However, the terms state that this only applies to bundles, so if you “purchase multiple bundles in one or more orders, there is a possibility that you may receive a duplicate copy of one or more games.” Fortunately, steam can be key Easily gift or trade with others.

While the Neon Mystery Bundle is a fun game of chance, those who prefer to pay for specific games should check out Fanatical’s other deals, such as the Build Your Own Strategy Bundle 3.

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