March 21, 2023

According to a new blog post from Blizzard, WoW Dragonflight Warriors is set for some fairly significant changes. In the post, the WoW devs explained that they’re comfortable with where the class is right now in the popular MMORPG, but changes are still needed to maintain balance.

The protection tank spec needed some nerfs before launch, and Blizzard has adjusted many talent tree spells and explained why the changes were made.

Blizzard wrote that they were happy with the way Protection Warriors played, but claimed that they were “overwhelmed” resulting in some changes. “We don’t want to make major structural changes to the Security Warrior trees, our goals for the coming weeks are mainly bug fixing, tuning, and making the bottom left and right sides of the tree more attractive.”

The Blog post The popular tank spec showed off some nerfs. Here are some important changes revealed:

  • revenge – Damage reduced to 53 percent (was 63 percent)
  • Shield Slam – Damage reduced to 80 percent (was 85 percent)
  • punish – Shield Slam damage increased by 10 percent (was 20 percent)
  • Rand – Initial damage reduced to 32 percent (64 percent) and periodic damage to 17 percent (23 percent).
  • Enduring Alacrity – Now grants 1 percent haste per rank (was 2 percent)
  • Focused energy – Now grants 1 percent critical chance per rank (was 2 percent)
  • Vanguard – Increases your stamina by 30 percent (was 45 percent), increases your strength by 70 percent of the value of your armor (100 percent), and reduces your damage by 5 percent (15 percent).

Blizzard’s attempt to nerf Protection, which has quickly become Dragonflight’s most effective tank spec, seems to hit the mark hard with nerfs across a wide range of abilities.

Protection has become the class of choice due to its dynamic range of features in its class tree, giving them massive damage spells, on top of protection’s ability to soak up massive damage numbers.

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