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Kulfi Finance announce pre-seed-sale of ecosystem native token $KLS

A new cryptocurrency is making its rounds in the market – Kulfi Finance (KLS). This new scheme is set to provide lending and borrowing services to its users at fixed rates. Kulfi has announced the Kulfi Token (KLS) pre-seed-sale to early investors Kulfi Token Sale Page.

Since its inception, Kulfi Finance has achieved impressive growth that is turning the heads of many investors. And what makes it even more impressive is that Kulfi’s growth has been completely organic in its first month of pre-seed sales.

According to analysts, Kulfi’s growth behavior is reminding them of how Cardano (ADA) entered the market during their respective Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Kulfi Token (KLS) utility

* Propose and evaluate protocol upgrades

* Access grant for Kulfi borrowers

* New collateral type onboarding

* Transaction fees within the Kulfi ecosystem can be paid using $KLS

* KLS holders earn a percentage of fees paid within the Kulfi ecosystem

* Loans can be repaid using $KLS

As cryptocurrency assets continue to flourish, investors are looking for undervalued assets with the potential to increase in value over the long term. Kulfi Finance (KLS), a fixed rate protocol on the Cardano blockchain. With digital assets currently on a roll, the $KLS token could be the most valuable pre-seed round in the crypto market.

Participate in the KLS Token Pre-Seed Sale

Kulfi Token is currently active Pre seed round For early buyers, this is the first and limited opportunity to get exclusive early access to buy Kulfi tokens for 200 KLS tokens at 1 ADA.

Join the Kulfi (KLS) token pre-seed sale at a discounted price –

Bottom line

With impressive growth that reminds us of Cardano, Kulfi Finance presents strong potential for significant near-term and long-term gains. Looking at the massive growth of ADA and their respective ICOs could attest to the earnings potential that analysts see at Kulfi Finance.

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