March 31, 2023

Muhammad Khan, who attacked the late Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin, is believed to have done so because he thought the late monarch was “still alive”.

A British court has heard that Muhammad Khan, who allegedly attacked the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II, acted under the belief that the British monarch was still alive.

The 28-year-old has been charged with threatening behavior with intent, with the prosecution looking to add a further charge of disorderly conduct.

According to a Report According to UK state-owned broadcaster the BBC, Khan was described by lawyer Luke Staton as saying police saw him approach the Queen’s coffin.

“He walked down the carpet towards the catafalque, then held the Royal Standard flag over the coffin with both hands,” the lawyer told Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

The prosecution described Khan as expressing the idea that “the Queen was not dead”, saying the defendant said he “went to the coffin because he wanted to check for himself”.

Khan was also described as wanting to speak to the royal family, and if he failed to do so, he was “willing to infiltrate to try and communicate”.

Doctors told District Judge Michael Snow that Khan was not yet fit to stand trial quote From a psychiatric report the accused was described as “suffering from an illness and that illness leads you to certain delusions”.

“When you were at Westminster you did not accept that the Queen was dead and that is why you were approaching the coffin to satisfy yourself that she was,” Judge Snow told Khan, who reportedly asked for confirmation. His name, date of birth and that he was staying at a friend’s address in North London.

“He is still delusional and thinks the Queen is not dead, thinks it has something to do with King Charles and may go to Windsor Castle to pay his respects, but he still thinks she is alive,” the judge reportedly added.

According to a Report by telegraph During the trial, the judge then adjourned the case to October 18 in the hope that the accused might be well enough to stand trial.

Judge Snow also granted Khan bail, adding the condition that he remain in a psychiatric hospital until his next court hearing for his own protection, with the prosecution believing the man could be harmed at the hands of UK security forces if he really tried. Contact the royal family.

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