June 10, 2023

In a debate between Los Angeles mayoral candidates Wednesday night, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) admitted that her sense of personal safety in the city had dropped from a “10/10” in March to a “5/10” today, following a robbery at her home.

Billionaire real estate developer Rick Caruso, who finished second to Bass in the primary, responded: “You’re worried about your kids going to school. I don’t want to put a ‘5’ on my kid and say, ‘Well, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll make it.’

Crime is one of the election’s main issues, along with homelessness — although Bass, like other Democrats, has seized on the abortion issue to motivate voters against Caruso, who has donated to former Republican candidates in the past.

Earlier this month, Bass was the victim of a break-in at his home where two guns were stolen. the bus to say Local Fox affiliate KTTV-11 reported “that his guns were registered, locked in a safe box and hidden in a closet” when they were stolen.

In the debate, Caruso pointed out that the current mayor, Eric Garcetti, had “corrupted” the police with $150 million; Bass was an early critic of the “Defend the Police” slogan and supported an increase in the size of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The two candidates have clashed over their policies on homelessness and an ongoing bribery case at the University of Southern California, where Bass, who is not a target of the prosecution, received a $95,000 scholarship that was belatedly reported to Congress.

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