March 21, 2023

Former President Donald Trump said on FNC’s “Hannity” Wednesday that New York Attorney General Leticia James’ civil suit is “a continuation of the witch hunt.”

“He campaigned on it four years ago,” Trump said. It was a vicious campaign, and he just talked about Trump, and we’re going to impeach him, and we’re going to get him. He knew nothing about me. I have not heard of him.”

He added, “He said we were going to get him. His whole campaign was based on that. Then he came after us. We’ve been going at it for years. I actually thought because our standards were really high, the company was great. I have built a great company. You take places like this in many other places. I’m like, frankly, just among the best places anywhere in the world. I actually thought that they would never bring a lawsuit, and they brought it. I thought because He didn’t have a case. I thought he wanted to settle, but I had a problem because how do you pay something, even a small amount of money if you’re not guilty? It’s a continuation of the witch hunt that started when I was Trump. Just got off the tower escalator.”

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