June 9, 2023

The Miconex Gift Card is a very convenient way to pay for things. It can be used at hundreds of stores across the UK, as well as overseas, and is a popular way to make payments on the go. So why not give one to a friend or family member, or buy one for yourself?

Enjoy West Lancs Gift Card

The Enjoy West Lancs Gift Card has been around for a while, but it has been relaunched with a bang to help it win the coveted ‘Tesco bag of the year’ award. The card is designed to encourage consumers to spend their hard-earned cash within the county, while the accompanying marketing campaign encourages retailers to go all out on a multi-channel campaign to promote the card. This includes the use of digital signage to help drive footfall to participating stores, plus a mobile app to assist the on-the-go consumer.

As well as the usual suspects, the new card has also enlisted the assistance of a number of newcomers to the game including: West Lancs Chartered Accountants, North West law firm Napthens, and boutique fashion brand XO London. These new recruits have already helped to kickstart the buzz, but there’s no telling how long the new campaign will be able to last. To celebrate the occasion, the council is offering a range of prizes to help promote the programme, from the chance to take home a prized-offered XO London prize box to a free bottle of XO London champagne.

Perth & Kinross Gift Card

Miconex, a digital marketing company, has launched a gift card program in partnership with Perth and Kinross Council. The scheme is designed to give shoppers access to a wide variety of independent businesses in the city.

As well as being a great way to shop, the card programme is also helping to support local high streets. Local businesses are already signing up to the program, including McCash’s Country Store, Charlie Taylor Hair & Beauty, and Blend Cafe.

Miconex has already spent over PS1.2 million in Scotland since it launched in 2015. Miconex’s research found that supporting local businesses is important for Christmas 2022, and it hopes to roll out similar programmes across the UK.

Currently, there are 17 areas of Scotland that are part of a Miconex local gift card programme. These include Aberdeen, Falkirk, Kirkcaldy, and Perth.

Miconex has been working with local councils and business improvement districts to launch this pioneering gift card programme. It’s estimated that more than four thousand cards have been sold so far.

Scottish Loves Local Glasgow Gift Card

The Scotland Loves Local Glasgow Gift Card is the UK’s largest gift card scheme to date. Approximately 85,000 household recipients will receive a ten dollar (PS105) card to spend on local goods and services. Designed to promote local spending, the scheme is expected to pump PS8 million into the local economy.

The scheme is designed to stimulate spending in the city, by providing a convenient and standardized means of payment, that is accepted by more than 700 businesses. It also aims to encourage people to spend more time in the city. Whether this is achieved through the actual purchase of the cards, or by educating residents on how they can access them, it is likely to produce positive results.

Using gift cards to provide a means of financial relief to lower income households is a laudable feat. However, it was not until the Glasgow City Council took the idea and rolled it out that the programme gained momentum.

Mi Rewards digital loyalty scheme

Miconex has launched a new digital loyalty scheme in 10 UK towns and cities, and has added a range of new features and capabilities to help businesses drive sales and promote their products. The company has now processed more than 47,000 transactions in its first year of operation and has plans to expand in more UK locations.

The programme is a payment card linked scheme, meaning that customers can earn reward points every time they visit a business that participates in the program. Customers can then exchange these points for entry into prize draws. In addition, each pound spent at participating businesses results in a digital reward point. As a result, places can develop a consumer proposition that changes constantly.

Businesses that participate in the programme can also determine the parameters of the prizes they offer, so that they can target different age groups and create an experience that will appeal to consumers. Mi Rewards is also a great way to get customers into your town centre, and enables you to offer no-hassle rewards to those who visit.

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